Processes & Services


At Certified Steel we offer a variety of processes and services on modern equipment with highly skilled operators.



Our state of the art Delta Stretcher-Leveler produces panel flat, laser quality sheets. The memory is removed, so these sheets will stay flat even after heat is applied.

We can level from 1/16” to 1/2” thick with dimensions ranging from 36” to 96” wide and from 36” to 480” long.

Delta Steel Tech

Plasma Burning


Certified Steel uses two brand new Kinetics K5000 & 2500 burning tables. These modern tables allow us to provide exceptional quality plasma burnt plates in either simple shapes or based off of advanced CAD drawings, programmed directly into the machine itself.

The table itself can handle material over 80’ in length, giving us a tremendous potential for different sized final plates. Utilizing this table with our excellent quality, custom length, stretcher-leveled plates and sheets; we can provide for any of your burnt plate needs!

Plasma cutting up to 3”

Drilling up to 1 1/2”

Kinetic USA



We use a large Cincinnati Shear to handle all of our sheet cutting. Our skilled operators can cut sheets from 20 gauge to 1/2” thick and up to 70k PSI in yield, with a tolerance within 1/1000” of an inch.

Width: 144” down to 1”
Length: 9” up to 153”


Saw Cutting


Our seven H.E.M. saws cut 24 hours a day, with multiple shifts and crews cutting beams, channels, angles, bars, pipes, and tubes to virtually any length you may need!

Depending on the size and type of product you needed, we can cut as short as 6” or as long as 64’

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