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A Full Line Steel Service Center has the Products and Services You Need

For over fifty years, Certified Steel has been providing the finest steel products to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. As a full line steel service center, our inventory of ASTM-certified sheet and coil products and hot rolled plate products can be delivered from our facility in Hamilton, NJ to any location. Carbon steel square and rectangular tubing for structural projects is also available, as well as a full complement of angles, beams channels, rebar and much more.

As the workhorse of heavy construction, steel is a highly regulated material that must be manufactured and stored correctly to achieve and maintain ASTM standards. These standards strictly measure steel’s strength and a wide variety of other important material properties such as ductility, workability, corrosion resistance from water and chemical solutions, and many more. Different grades of steel are appropriate for different types of applications, and Certified Steel is fully prepared to give you the right grade of hot rolled plate products for the job.

In addition to the large assortment of steel grades, Certified Steel also has the type of format you need for any given application. Sheet and coil products are manufactured with standard sheet sizes and different industry standard thicknesses, and all of the typical structural profiles can be treated to enhance their material properties. Oiled and pickled steel is available, as well as a wide selection of stainless steel for those applications that require greater corrosion resistance and strength. Square and rectangular tubing is available in a variety of standard lengths, and, as a full line steel service center, they can also be cut to any length and angle.

If you are involved in steel construction work and are looking for a reliable supplier offering the finest quality steel at a competitive price, Certified Steel is ready to be your go-to source for any type of high grade steel you require. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery and the most complete inventory of hot rolled plate products, sheet and coil products, and square and rectangular tubing, with all of the services and advanced expertise necessary for you to achieve the best possible result.